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升学疑问解答区 / Re: 进入大学所需准备的东西
« 于: 六月 24, 2008, 11:55:00 上午 »
-Formal (Dinner/ Presentation)
-Informal (Lectures)<----------------wats the different btween tis 2?? ??? ???

Informal as in attire other than formal wear that are suitable to don to go to lectures. Except UUM which compels its students to wear formal to lectures everyday, other universities do not have such a ruling. Aside fixed day(s) of a certain week to wear formal, e.g. Monday in UTM as Smart Day (when everyone must wear formal), you can wear other clothes, provided you abide the dress code determined by the university, which in general, is collared T-shirt/blouse, long pants (jeans allowed depending on each university's enforcement on the no-jeans rule), skirt that exceeds the knees and shoes that cover the feet (strapped sandals allowed depending on enforcement also).

In short, you need to bring both formal and informal wear. Formal wear is required during Orientation/Induction Week, fixed formal wear days and official university events. Informal wear is for during events and days other than the days and events that require formal wear.

升学疑问解答区 / Re: 进入大学所需准备的东西
« 于: 六月 17, 2008, 12:38:57 下午 »
请问进国立大学是不允许穿jean的吗??? ??? ???

I have mentioned this numerous times before. Jeans are actually exclusively not allowed in public universities' dress code, but it has to depend on the enforcement of each respective university itself. Because for one thing, jeans is not an ideal attire when there is an emergency case, because jeans can restrict your movements a bit. Jeans are definitely not allowed in laboratories because if any accidents happen, like chemical spills that come into body contact, those wearing jeans have the biggest impact.

升学疑问解答区 / Re: [合并]上诉方法 与 意见
« 于: 六月 15, 2008, 09:25:04 下午 »
i would like to ask,after we get whether we can enter uni or not..if we want to appeal once we know we cant enter local,how long time for us to appeal?
and when we will know whether we successfully to appeal or nt?will it take long time?and usually when we appeal we have to choose the course again or follow tht upu form and the percentage to enter is high or not?thanks 4 ur reply..

Usually intake into public universites are done in three batches, with the 2nd and 3rd batches as result from appeal towards failure to be enrolled through application. Immediately after the university intake is announced, MOHE will set up a website specifically for those who have failed to be enrolled through the first batch to appeal. The deadline for appeal will also be stated then.

When results for appeal will be released, it will be announced through mass and print media. You just have to pay attention then. But definitely, the second and third batches will not be entering university at the same time as the first batch. They will be admitted at a later time and will not go through Orientation Week. I am not sure how the appeal procedures are done. Probably Quansheng members would like to tell on this?

And you have to watch out in the printed media on how appeal procedures can be done through the MCA Education Bureau. I suppose Dr. Wee Ka Siong will still be briefing on how the procedures can be done through his bureau. But you still have to do the usual online appeal procedures via the MOHE website.

升学疑问解答区 / Re: 疑问..
« 于: 六月 12, 2008, 09:40:50 下午 »
1. 如果1st sem我没有带laptop去可以吗? 因为现在买的话家里的负担会有点过重耶.. 想问说只用大学电脑室的电脑来做功课, 会很麻烦吗?

It's not much of a problem of not bringing a desktop or laptop during your First Year, because First Year subjects usually do not require much of computer output assignments. But of course bringing it will definitely make computer-required assignments more convenient. Most of my coursemates did not possess their own computers when they came in during their First Year and it seemed I was among the few ones who brought a computer along. LOL. If you happen to be admitted into a residential college that does not have its own cyber room, what more located far away from a computer lab, definitely it will be a hassle, but I suppose that possibility is less likely to occur, since many varsities today have preferred computer output assignments and therefore ensured that most of its areas have computers in place.

2. 衣服是该手洗呢还是会提供类似酒店的洗衣机呢? 洗干净了, 该晒在哪里? 晒在房间的露台吗?

Each university hostel block has its own laundry room on each floor. Basically, a few sinks are provided for clothes to be hand-washed. Not all hostel blocks provide washing machine services. It has to depend on whether there are any laundry companies are willing to take up the tender to provide washing machines in hostels because it is not really a profitting business especially when students go for their semester breaks and earnings decrease a lot that time. Doing laundry using washing machine is not free either. Like in Kolej 11 of UTM, you need to load approximately 2 kg of laundry and insert RM 2 for each wash. Not all hostel rooms have balconies. So, it's either you dry it at the balcony or at the curtain railing of your window. Some hostels however do provide special rooms or balconies with clothes lines.

3. 宿舍的房间里会提供书桌给我们吗?

I do really think this is one absurd question. Universities certainly do not expect you to buy your own desk when they are supposed to provide all the necessities and welfare that's expected of a hostel! LOL!

4. 我们去那里装水喝啊?

Some universities allow the use of light electrical appliances provided they are registered with the college office and paid with a certain fee per semester. Like in UTM, you only need to pay less than RM 10 per semester to register for use of electrical appliances in the hostel room. Therefore, you can bring your own kettle to boil your own water. Water heaters are not allowed as they consume a lot of power and will most likely cause power trips on the storey you are living. Televisions are not allowed either. But if you are lazy to boil your own water, most hostels do provide free water coolers.

5. 有什么东西必须带去的啊? 因为等到来信才开始准备恐怕来不及了吧?!

This is basically one question which I have responded several times. If you are living in an area that is very far off from town what more your address is registered with a P.O. Box, there is a possibility that you might receive your offer letter late and maybe could not prepare in time. However, as aforementioned, what is most important that you have all your necessary documents ready. All the items to be brought will be mentioned in the offer letter. Even if you forgot some of the stuff, you may always buy them at the shopping centre nearest to your university, that is, if you report to university early and you have time to rush out and buy the remaining stuff you need immediately after checking in your hostel room. Otherwise, the cooperative shops at each university do also sell the necessary stuff as well. If you don't have the time, the seniors managing the Orientation Week at some universities do provide the service to help buy the stuff that you were unable to prepare in time.

升学疑问解答区 / Re: 进入大学所需准备的东西
« 于: 四月 02, 2008, 02:32:16 下午 »
我想问那运动型的长裤行吗?(除了jeans 以外的都可以?)
答:可以。不过,穿去上课的话可能会觉得怪怪的。 :P



可是我已经有了自己的手提电脑了..听学长这么说好象真的很不安全.. :-\

不好意思,太多问题了.. :-[

升学疑问解答区 / Re: 进入大学所需准备的东西
« 于: 三月 31, 2008, 06:03:55 下午 »
Can i noe is't possible for new student to drive in uni??the uni will approve new student to drive in uni?If apply will get or not?
is't a lot of presentation during uni life?

大学规则规定新生不可以携带交通工具。有些大学的监督比较严,甚至连新生驾车都不行。其中的原因是新生还未熟悉大学内的路线以及交通状况,因此容易发生涉及新生的车祸。申请程序只涉及申请在大学校园内携带自己的交通工具,并由大学所发出的交通工具贴纸 (pelekat kenderaan) 为准证。即使是新生借学长的车子驾出去,但在有些大学里 (有些,不是全部),保安人员会经常巡逻并拦下每辆电单车以查询驾驶者是不是一年级学生。

在大学的确需要做很多 presentation。这是训练学生们的沟通技巧以及让学生在工作时需要做类似活动有所准备。

升学疑问解答区 / Re: 进入大学所需准备的东西
« 于: 三月 25, 2008, 05:42:02 下午 »


升学疑问解答区 / Re: 进入大学所需准备的东西
« 于: 三月 25, 2008, 11:43:00 上午 »
''No closing date. Pse applu asap. Item 6, you may list down th courses applied instead of admission gained and annual expenses would be an estimate.''
 This is the reply from wahseong.Can you help me to estimate the annual expenses?
1.annual tuition fees
2Other compulsary fees
3,Board and lodging
6Miscellaneous Pocket Expenses.

我真的没有办法帮你估计这些费用,尤其是 6. 各种各样开销 应该是由你去估计。每间大学的费用也不一样。而且你大学一年级之后本身想要带交通工具津大学吗?因为第 4 事项就要另外算。课本就要看你申请的是什么科系,因为像工程系或理科系使用的课本都是比较厚的,平均一本要 70 - 80 令吉左右。或许你可以说出你申请的有哪些科系,浏览你所申请的大学的网站,找出每间大学的 prospectus 以估计第 1 至第 3 事项。然后再找出你所申请的科系的课程纲要,从中大概猜测有哪些科目需要到课本以估计课本购买开销,以你课程需要多少年的时间修读除。各种各样开销最主要是在一天三餐。凡是在大城市的三餐一天都需要至少 10 令吉,除非你吃得少。别只算三餐的开销,你也要估计一下你的生活用品、娱乐和紧急事务的开销。你家里有没有兄姐是大学毕业生还是正在念大学的,可以向他们请教。或者是你有认识的那些人是大学生,也可以请教。当面请教他们或许会对你比较清楚。

升学疑问解答区 / Re: 进入大学所需准备的东西
« 于: 三月 24, 2008, 10:21:56 上午 »
can i know how much&nbsp; the&nbsp; annual expenses for tuition fees,transportation fees,board n lodging,others compulsary fees n pocket money ?there is a columm in scholarship form that required the applicants to fill up.i have no idea bout it.

what meaned by admission gained for current academic year?is that means that the choices i apply online to enter U?

i am applying the yayasan wah seong scholarship..


Baju kurung 只是个额外的服装选择。更何况,我觉得女生穿 baju kurung 会感觉比较轻松一些。当然,这由你自己选择啦。

你这奖学金申请表格我看过了。基本上,你还未能填写大学费用的数额,因为每间大学的学费都不一样,而你也本身还未知道你会进那间大学。Admission gained for current academic year 应该是填写你获得的哪一个科系。你这奖学金申请的截止日期是几时?如果是在七月之后,应该还来得及。如果不是的话,但你仍然有兴趣申请该奖学金,你可以尝试拨电给该机构告诉他们你的状况,并表示你有一申请他们的奖学金。如果还是不能的话,试看找其它的奖学金吧。更何况,你进了大学之后,公共服务局 (JPA) 将会开放国立大学生申请该局的奖学金。

升学疑问解答区 / Re: 进入大学所需准备的东西
« 于: 三月 22, 2008, 09:20:46 下午 »
马来西亚国立大专的迎新生节目是持续一个星期的时间。而且出席任何迎新周的正式场合,即大学礼堂举行的节目,都必须穿西装 (formal)。这是无可避免的。大马的国立大专对学生平时去上课的穿着条件都大同小异,即必须是有领的衣服、长裤、长裙 (较短的裙子也可以,不过必须超过膝盖)、包鞋或 sandals。女生也可以选择穿 baju kurung。当然男生去运动时就不许穿长裤啦! 不过,上课时也得看讲师讲不讲究穿着。有些讲师要你依照大学规定,要不然就给你扣科目的分数。

据我所知,在北大念书好像是需要每天去上课时都得穿 formal。工大则是在星期一必须穿 formal。


P/S: 迎新周的节目太多了。而且每天都得从宿舍到礼堂两边跑,相当累人。有时在礼堂进行节目时,难免会睡着……  :P

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