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my cgpa is 3.58....

u r stpm or matci student? if matric , wic matric wor? ;D


haha...oh...means that i got to prepare both long black pants and long black skirt loh? haha

for non muslim , it's better wear pants lar~coz more convinient~XD , long skirt also ok bah if u want~

about the minggu mesra siswa

for the cloths:
for us, we need to bring kain sarung? or the skirt labuh hitam?

For kain sarung , it's depend on u using or not , the malays are strictly bring it but not for non malay unless u wear d long skirt wic is "visible" hahaXD about d skirt labuh hitam is for d matching for UniSZA shirt. Every batch have d different colour for it.Last time , I wear it with long pants. It's up to u either wear it with long black skirt / long black pants.The PM will tell u when u have to wear d UniSZA shirt with long black skirt, usually on d day of angkat sumpah.

and.....inside the uni, hv what bank's ATM is available?

and, i know that i am asking silly question...haha, do we non islamic will asked to put on tudung???  and we can wear short sleeve or not during class, in the rules, just stated: siswi tidak beragama islam: pakaian sopan dan kemas and i think this is too general saying...

THanks a lot for the info^^

it's ok~andit's not a silly question ah, why u do think so?  :) aboutd atm , if i m not mistaken in main campus , the atm is at d hepa which quite far from hostel , u can go there by walking about 10 min i think.d atm is functioning meps , if ur atm card got meps so it can be used. butwill be cut rm1.00 from ur acc if diff bank acc been used. I forgot whichbank it is. But, in kota campus , there is one atm for bank islam.Usuallymost of uni using bank islam for paying fee n do d scholarship . I duno whether this year UniSZA still helping u open d acc so u can pay ur school fees. If got , u no need to open another acc to pay fees. u just filll d baknk slip then go to d bank and pay it.remember bring the slip together coz it have to give d officer during orietation week.

for non-muslim , yeah , there is no specific rule means wat u have to wear. So , it's better wearing long pants (x jeans) + long sleeve shirt or short sleeves , or baju kurung or d shirt UniSZA provided~   

haha..just wonder only lah......thanks

and, i just read the rules and regulation... are we not allowed to wear short pants at all, i mean even in my own room also cannot wear??

Penentuan keluar masuk kampus hendaklah dipatuhi. Penggunaan kad keluar
masuk amat perlu dalam pengtakrifan keluar dengan izin atau tidak. Bagi pelajar
yang terbukti keluar tanpa izin dan jika berlaku kemalangan, kemudahan hospital
tidak akan ditanggung oleh pihak UDM, ianya akan ditanggung/dibayar oleh
pelajar/keluarga sendiri. Sebaliknya jika keluar dengan izin, ianya akan
ditanggung oleh UDM."

just like holiday, want to go out from uni to town also got to get permission??...

and there stated cannot cook in dorm, this i understand, but what if kettle? can i boil water in the room??

REGARDINGD SHOT PANTS~u can wear in ur block or ur room~just  dun wear short pant go out~we respect other's culture ;)
Regarding the outing~ no problem.Usually the  van or other transport from outside will enteruni to fetch student if u wanna go to town on friday n saturday , holidays.

cooking is not allowed in d dorm , uni 's bhg asrama already prepare d kettle in each dorm for u~dun worry^^ ;D

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« 于: 六月 19, 2010, 04:10:36 上午 »

haha.. is she a chinese?? ahah just wish to know

 ??? ???



Hurm~~I know one of ppl I know that also getting this course~so u may meet her later as your coursemate ;D


nope~Coz start from last semester , merit system used to accumulate d koko marks~so if u r active , u can stay in hostel , if not , u can choose to move out^^

oh i see..and one more......dietitian is taught in english or malay??

wat I get to know from my dietitic frens usualy in english , unless ur coursemate or u asked for translating to malay if u couldnt understand , but most of them , Dean will ask all d lecturers ginving lecture in full english (Unless d student really dun understand it wat d heck of lecturer talk bout)

I know one friend from sibu ,sarawak also coming for this course.So u n he or she can become coursemate o^.^

thanks a lot, i really appreciate your help very much.............


THanks.....erm... what do you mean about "but if it 's ur condition , dun worry , u will move to health campus 's hostel. u will be staying there for temporary." means the hostel is not fixed? we got to move here and there ah???

yes , so dun bring too much stuff when coming here , I know that for sabah n sarawak got bus provided and they will take from d Terengganu airport. :)

haha...by the way, i am from sabah.....so after i register, i think they will back to sabah....

it's ok , if u have any problem with d document , d officers will help u during d registration session , just make sure all d important document u have to bring it during that time. For the form , u can download it 1st if u think u wanna do it 1st rather than waitng for d letter (if d letter u checked on internet give u d link , if there is no mention , ignore wat i say , just wait for d letter , but wat i know ppl from sabah n sarawak will wait for a quite long time maybe not enuf to prepare d document for eg need d signature from school etc.)

...during the class, do we need to wear formal attire all the time?

It's all depend on you , but it's better wear baju berkolar (it's better long sleeves,or u will get burn , d shirt can be formal or unisza t-shirt) + long pants , coz we are not allowed to wear short skirts~ ;D


This is d link for FPSK (faculty of medicine n health science ) U shud go n check it ^^

If there is other course besides medicine n health science , also welcome to ask me questions , I 'll try my best to answer it^^ Hope to see u on orientation week ,I will be there waiting for u guys^^

还有哦?请问这科有没有被MQA Recognized 的哦?。。

Hi   :) congratz for getting d course here^^ anything u wanna know bout this university, welcome to ask me here or add me  : [email protected]

regarding d attire , on the orientation week , prepare urself 2 baju kurung , for d formal , long sleeves shirt n long pants coz u will be staying in d main campus which is islamic studies (mostly) , we respect their culture , not wearing d short skirts , short pants to go out. Later , after d orientation week , u maybe straight away or wait for few month to move to another campus , so I suggest u dun bring too many stuff 1st o ;D if not , hurm....unless ur parents willing to help u to move d stuff~ This course is introduced by local university , so dun worry bout d accreditation.D medical n health science school is working hard and make sure d quality is same level with other accredited courses.

On the orientation week , 1st u have to full prepared with d signed document on registration day. Make sure u do many passport photos coz may used a lot.Regarding d scholarship , u can apply after u enter the uni , d officer of BHG. Bendahari will tell u d latest information during d orientation so DONT SKIP d orientation week o  ;) coz u will know a lot of information.

There are 2 type of hostel will be given for new intake , it 's all depend on ur luck which hostel u will be given , but if it 's ur condition , dun worry , u will move to health campus 's hostel. u will be staying there for temporary. Then , u have to travel by bus which provided by UniSZA , about 30 min , usually ur seniors will wait for d bus around 6 .45am (coz if u r late , no transport for u!! ;D)

U will met ur senoirs when they are come back for their studies on 11 July. I know many of ur seniors taking dietitic , and I m studying medicine here.So , dun worry  :) welcome to join us ;D I will meeting for d juniors on orientation week o~~so anything can contact me then:)

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« 于: 六月 18, 2010, 01:01:34 上午 »
yeah sure~XD

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« 于: 六月 16, 2010, 11:13:36 下午 »
Regarding d lecturers - ok , some of d lecturers was graduated from local uni n they having their major field in teaching/giving lecture.They are mostly experienced lecturer.Some lecturers was come from overseases. They are specialist(most) in their field.

Facilities - ok .Library ok , books enuf but most of time we prefer online google book(so x need carry so many books) , lecturer room -ok , full equipped , cafe -food ok except sometimes d price will go "up & down" ~XD These are still improving to fit incoming increasing no. of juniors , new building was constructed , it will be used for new intakeXD.

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